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School Introduction  

         With history of more than 50 years, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of SIT has cultivated more than 10,000 graduates for Shanghai chemical industry. The great majority of them have become backbones in Shanghai chemical industrial production, research and management. Now the school has four undergraduate majors-- Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. There are 2000 undergraduate students in the school. The school consists of seven teaching and research sections, three experimental centers, two academy-level research institutes and one school-level analysis and test center. There are 130 teachers, including 20 professors and 36 associate professors. In recent years, the Institute has actively developed international cooperation and exchanges, carried out some joint programs with New Zealand Auckland University of Technology, such as the joint class of Applied Chemistry (analysis and monitoring) .In addition, a large number of professional have established close and stable link with well-known enterprises.

       The Applied Chemistry is the Shanghai Key training subject; Applied Chemistry is the Undergraduate Education Highland, Shanghai; Basic chemistry lab is the experimental teaching demonstration center of Shanghai Municipal; Physical Chemistry course is the Fine Course in Shanghai; "Applied Chemistry" professional teaching team was named the Shanghai municipal education team in 2008 .The academic has a first-level master's unit-Chemical Engineering and Technology, and four two-level master's unit-Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Environmental Engineering.