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(1)Chemical Engineering     Head teacher: Chen Donghui
Direction one: Green chemistry and clean production technology
Instructors:Dr.Chen Donghui (professor), Zheng Yi (associate professor, bachelor),Dr.Bi Dongsu (associate professor)
Direction two: Electrochemistry and chemical separation project
Instructors: Dr.Zhang Quansheng (professor),Dr.Wan Chuanyun (associate professor), Dr.Chen Guie(associate professor)
Direction three: Petroleum processing
Instructors:Dr.HanSheng(professor),Dr.LiJun(professor), Dr.WangLei(associate professor)
 (2)Applied Chemistry   Head teacher:Liu Xiaozhen
Direction one: Surface treatment technology and rare earth application
Instructors: Dr.Liu Xiaozhen (professor),Dr.YuXiaodong(senior engineer), Wang Lixian(associate professor)
Direction two: Green energy chemistry and nanotechnology
Instructors: Dr.Mu Jin (professor), Dr.Kang Shizhao (professor), Dr.Li Xiangqing (professor)
Direction three: Fine chemical
Instructors: Dr.Sun Xiaoling (professor), Dr.Zheng Dan (professor),Yang Shigang (associate professor,master), Dr.ChenYong (associate professor)
(3)Industrial Catalysis     Head teacher:Mao Dongshen
Direction one: catalytic new material in the design, synthesis and applications
Instructors: Dr. Lu Guanzhong (professor), Dr. Wu Guisheng (professor) Shen
Shaodian(associate professor), Dr. Li huiying (associate professor)
Direction two:The catalytic technologies in clean energy production
Instructors: Dr.Mao Dongshen(professor),Dr.Wang Yuhong(professor),Dr.Guo Xiaoming(associate professor)
(4)Pharmaceutical Engineering    Head teacher:Wu Fanhong
Direction one: new drug synthesis and design
Instructors: Dr.JiangSheng(Professor,Oriental scholar), Dr.YaoZhiyi (associate professor),Dr.Cheng Liping (associate professor),Dr.Zhou Yifeng(associate professor)
Direction two: drug synthesis
Instructors: Dr.Wu fanhong (Professor,), Dr.Ren Yujie (Professor),Dr.XuYi(Associate Professor),Dr.WuXiaomei (Associate Professor)
Direction three: drug analysis and quality control
Instructors:Dr.XuXu(Professor,),Dr.LiuWeijun(Professor),Dr.LuYan(Associate Professor)